Baby wrap blanket.

3 weeks ago, my niece gave birth to a lovely daughter. I tried to make a personal gift and ended up with making this "Baby wrap blanket", with special holes for the Maxicosi security belts.

What you'll need
- Fabric (75 cmx 75 cm)
- Duvet fabric
- Trimmings
- Embroidery thread

Extra: the template, sewing machine



Step by step
1) Start by cutting out the 2 kinds of fabric (75 cm x 75 cm) and secure them together with sewing pins.
2) Sewing them together and cut off the resting fabric
3) Repeat the previous steps to make the triangle
4) Sew the triangle onto the blanket
5) Add the trimming fabric
6) Use the template, to cut out the holes for the security belts and work it all of with embroidery thread
7) Wrap it up!

With special thanks to my friend Karen for the help with the template!

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