Embellished Sunglasses.

During Paris Fashion Week a specific trend made its way through the lens of street style photographers: Embellished Sunglasses. And one of the responsible designers for it is apparently is Moo Piyasombatkul : One of here designs worn here by Tiany Kiriloff.
So I gave it a try!
What you'll need
- Polymer clay (I used "Fimo" in the colour mint)
- Sunglasses (bought mine at H&M)


Step by Step
1) Make sure you work on a clean surface
2) Make two little rols out of the clay
3) Flat them out
4) Start adding curls, little balls,...
   TIP: You can use a pen you use to crochet or a thoothpick to smooth the paste while you add two pieces together
5) Bake
6) Glue the two pieces to your sunglasses

Helloooo sunshine! 
You like?

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