Neon statement necklace.

Hello sunshine!
Given that Neon is one of the trends for this Spring/Summer here is a lovely DIY to make your own neon statement necklace!

What you'll need
- Polymer clay ("Fimo")
- Ribbon
- The template

Extra: an oven, a cutter, superglue

The template

Step by step
1) Make "pancakes" out of your clay (+- 2 mm thickness)
2) Put in the fridge
3) Cut the template
4) Try to fit the paper template on to the rolled out clay and cut the squares out of the clay
5) Bake!
    TIP: Let the squares cool down under a heavy book 
6) Sew or glue your ribbon into the right shape (see picture)
7) Glue the squares on to the ribbon

There you go, your own neon statement necklace!  

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  1. Hoii... jij vond mijn vermelding al fijn. maar kijk hier?

  2. pff link doet niet kijk fb eva daeleman