Neon Lace Necklace.

Over the years I collected my share of lace fabrics. I even sometimes buy a shirt just because of a beautiful lace application with the intention to cut it out and make something totally different out of it.
Also for this DIY I dug in my collection of lace and gave it a neon-spray-tan. Given that I am currently craving the neon trend, I need to restrain myself not to spray everything around me neon.
I found these two fabrics at two totally different places. The first piece of fabric I found a while ago at a local fabric shop. The second one are old (and hideous) curtains my mom used to own. My brothers will be so pleased to see I put a pair of scissors in them.


What you'll need
- Lace 
   TIP: Use white lace - I tried it with darker lace and it didn't work 
- Neon spray
- Jewelry clasp
- Chain

extra : scissors, needle and thread, pliers

Step by step

 1) Cut out little patterns you find in the fabric
 2) Place them together and sew them into a new pattern
 3) Give it a spray
 4) Add the chain and jewelry clasp

 1) If you can find a pattern in the lace that suits your wishes, just cut it out as a whole
 2) Spray it!
 3) Add the chain and jewelry clasp

The coolest part of it all is definitely the spraying part. I just love to give things a -neon- spray tan.
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Super origineel en mooi! De gele is superleuk!

  2. Wat een leuke manier om kant te upcyclen! Dit wordt eentje om ook te proberen ;)

  3. great post!