Stella McCartney Inspired Espadrilles.

This is one of the DIY's I created for Urban Crafts. The inspiration?! The Stella McCartney espadrilles!
I took some screenshots, but the real tutorial you can see in motion down below!
There are two tutorials included in the clip. One I allready published here : the Studded Espadrilles. The second tutorial (The Stella McCartney Inspired Espadrilles) starts around 1:17. Enjoy!
P.S.: It's in Dutch...


What you'll need
- espadrilles
- neon spray paint
- tape

Tutorial - (for the clip scroll down)

Step by step
1) tape your shoes carefully. Let only the seams tape/-paper free
   TIP: make a template of you shoe on paper to put in the shoe for protecting while spraying!
2) Spray!
3) Add some hairspray to fixate the whole


What do you think of the clip? Operation DIY to the next level?!

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