Chunky Statement necklace.

A Chunky Statement Necklace made out felt and leather. You can make it in any colour you want and even make the leather piece pop more by making it in another colour.

What you'll need
-leather (in the same or different colour)
-silk ribbon

EXTRA : glue (fast drying or fabric glue) // scissors // lighter

1) Cut out the template
2) Place the template on the felt and cut the circles
3) Do the same for the leather, but cut only one circle (3,8 cm)
4) Glue the matching felt and leather template to each other
5) Place all the circles in place and add little spots of glue to secure them
6) Sew the ribbon to the back of the outer circles
7) TIP: Use a lighter to secure the ends of the silk ribbon. It will keep them from unraveling

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