Facet earrings.

After watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl -yes, I was hooked for many years- you can not be not inspired and amazed by the outfits, bags, shoes,... and jewellery the characters wore with pride.
These earrings are inspired by the characters of Lily and Serena Van der Woodsen.

What you'll need
-polymer clay (I used "Fimo" in the colours black and dolphin grey)
-earstuds, preferable with a little hole in
-iron wire
-a cutter 
-a needle

1) Shape the clay into the right form
2) Put in the freezer for 15 minutes! 
    TIP: It cuts way easier!
3) Slice the ball and "sausage" in half
4) Put back in the freezer
5) Cut the clay piece by piece into a geometrical form
6) Take a needle and make a little hole
7) Bake in the oven
8) Let the shapes cool down
9) Make a little circle with your iron wire and put it through the little hole of the shape and the earring
10) Glue the smallest shape onto the stud

Wear them with pride!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Waar haal jij de achterkantjes van je oorbellen?
    Supermooi allemaal!

  2. Je kan het in elke hobbywinkel vinden: De Banier, Veritas,... :)