Ipad Mini Case.


Once you made the investment, you want to take your tablet or Ipad with you everywhere you go. But without risking to break it. Nothing is more convenient than a soft, securing case to protect your precious tablet.

What you'll need
- felt
- leather
- a sewing machine
1) Use the sizes indicated on the template to cut a paper pattern
    TIP : Only use the sizes that are indicated on the template - The template itself is made on scale
2) Use your pattern to cut the felt
3) Cut the leather and make a little border. The piece made out of leather is around 4 cm wide. (It is not on the template!)
4) Sew the case together with your sewing machine and make sure to lock the leather piece at the top.
5) You can now slide the flap between the leater and the felt to close and open your case


The template (Made on scale, use the indicated sizes to make your own pattern)

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