Marni x H&M inspired necklace II.

A year ago Marni x H&M worked together and made a beautiful collection. Inspired by one of those pieces - worn here by the lovely Liene of the Belgian blog Suriel - I tried to create my own and fun DIY version!

What you'll need
- Fimo (or another kind of polymer clay)
- little balls of styrofoam (I used 8 of 3,5 cm and 2 of 4 cm)
- leather cord
- the template

extra: a pin, an oven, a cutter, tinfoil

The template

Step by step
1) Cover the balls in tin foil and make "a tail"
2) Roll out the clay and cut out the template
3) Make two little holes in the clay
4) Place the clay around the ball
5) Bake!
6) When the clay is baked you will see the balls shrunk and you can easily remove them 
7) Weave the cord through the little holes you made earlier

There you go!
I am in love with the result! How about you?
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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Echt SUPERleuk!! :) Ga ik zeker eens proberen!

  2. Doen! Massa's complimenten en geinteresseerde blikken. Gegarandeerd ;)

  3. Mega, ik heb nog veel gewerkt met fimo in zo mini roosjes maken. Deze ga ik ook eens proberen!


  4. Mooi gedaan! En leuke ideeën op jouw blog.

  5. You are a genius!

  6. pretty!!