Pimped shoes.

In anticipation of Spring... Lately, every shoe store you visit you see flat shoes with a colourful or golden tip popping up! So I tried it my way.

What you'll need
- some (cheap) flat shoes (the one with the golden tip are from Action - the one with the neon tip are from H&M)
- masking tape
- spray


Step by step
1) Remove bows or any other extra's from your shoes
2) Deside wich part you want to give a "spray" and line with tape
3) Protect the rest of the shoe
     TIP: Do this outside!

As you can see the velvet ones (H&M) were a little bit harder to spray. I even needed to use a white basecoat. So another tip: use shoes with a smooth surface.

Give it a try and show me your result! 

1 opmerking:

  1. Spijtig dat je nog ziet waar de strikjes hebben gezeten... maar voor de rest wel leuk. Ik zou het wel enkel doen met hele goedkope ballarina's