Summer Chain Necklace.

Two years ago I made small collection of statement necklaces for my clothing line Midnight Gold, this DIY is inspired by one of those necklaces, but I made them longer and more colourful for a instant summer feeling.

What you'll need
- 1,5 pack of Fimo (or another kind of polymer clay)
- some ribbon

extra: a cutter, an oven, needle and threath


Step by step
1) make little "sausages" of the clay
2) Cut them in pieces (around 8 cm)
3) Add the two ends together and carefully create oval circles
4) Bake them
   TIP: make sure you bake the circles "loose" 
5) When baked, carefully shake the necklace loose, so no cirkels are pasting together
6) Add te ribbon by sewing it like shown on the picture

There you go! No the only thing thing you'll need is some sunshine...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuk Delfien! Je gaat me nog eens overtuigen eindelijk die Fimo klei te gaan kopen :) hexagon?

  2. Necklaces are thinner and are usually worn during special occasions therefore they are less exposed to the stresses of everyday wear and use.