Festival Fever: Studded Espadrilles.

A time ago I got contacted by Trendwolves, with the question if I was interested to make some tutorials with them for UrbanCrafts.tv, off course I said yes and last week we started filming the 4 tutorials I created for them.
To give you an idea and a little preview, this is one of the featured tutorials. Once the filmed tutorial is out you can check it out here, on Operation DIY and on Urbancrafts.tv !

Given the fact Summer is around the corner, including the festivals I created this Festival Fever DIY for you. A fun way to pimp your espadrilles!

 What you'll need?
- a pair of espadrilles (I found mine at Brantano)
- studs (I found mine at Veritas)

extra: pliers


Step by Step
1) Decide which pattern you want to created with the studs
2) Start pinning and securing them one by one
   TIP: Use your pliers in any kind of way you can to secure the studs - It can be a little bit tricky
3) Use your hand to check if the studs are well secured, so that the pins will not scratch your feet!

Hit the festivals!

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