Gemstone Earrings.

I am very excited about this tutorial, given the fact I wanted to make this even before the blog was born. The only problem was: I could not find these gemstones, until last week : I stubled on them thanks to the Dutch webshop The Beadmixer.
Inspiration for this tutorial: Shourouk a beautiful jewelry brand you can find in the magical webshop of Sugar For Your Closet. And the queen of DIY A Pair and A Spare made a sort like tutorial for Vogue.

What you'll need
- gemstones
- A4 plastic (I found this at a local copy shop)

Extra: pliers, superglue, earrings studs


1) Start by placing the stones in their 'baskets' 
2) Secure them by using your pliers and cut off the little eye
3) Arrange them in any way you like
4) Glue them onto the plastic
5) Cut out the shape
6) Add a earring plug at the back

Other possibilities

Shine bright like a diamond! ;)

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