Knotted Necklace.

Another knotted necklace, a slightly different and heavier then this one. But I am extremely pleased with the result!

What you'll need
- 2 m of thick rope (around 8 mm)
- silk ribbon

extra: scissors, glue, lighter


Step by step
1) Follow the photos for the knotting part
2) When finished cut the end of the rope
    TIP: secure the edges by burning them carefully before gluing them together
3) Secure the ribbon

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7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like it very much, but I don´t understand the step in the picture 15 and 16. can you help me please?
    thank you!

    1. Hi Tania, I will try to explain it!
      Picture 14: You make a loop as "preparation" for picture 15. Picture 15 shows you go through the latest loop you created (the loop from picture 13, not the "preparation loop"). Then picture 15->16 is the final knot and you create this by going through the "preparationloop" with the end of the rope.
      Does this help?

  2. Hallo, waar heb je dit touw gevonden?

    1. Ik vind enkel doe-het-zelf zaken met zo dik touw, maar dit is dan niet in nylon..

    2. Here you go :
      Ik gebruik de "springtouw 8 mm"