Bordeau Necklace.

A new statement necklace this time inspired by the Marni x H&M Collection.

What you'll need
- polymer clay (I used "Fimo" in the colours tangerine and bordeau)
- needle and thread
- a leather cord 



Step by step
1) Make "pancakes" out of the clay: 3 mm thickness
2) Put the pancakes in the freezer for 15 minutes 
3) Cut out the template
4) Use the template to cut the forms out of the clay
5) Make little holes in the shapes
6) Bake them
    TIP: After baking the shapes directly put them under some heavy books till they cool down. It will prevent the shapes from curling up.
6) Now the hard work starts. Start sewing the pieces together. Secure them well, you can add little spots of spray when necessary
7) Often look in the mirror when you are sewing all the little pieces together. It helps to keep an eye on the whole.

Make it your own and enjoy it!


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