Shades of Green Necklace.

A green shaded necklace to spice up your spring garderobe.
What you'll need
- 3 strings of "Jasseron" necklaces 
   TIP: For Belgium/The Netherlands : I found mine here
- Different shades of green ribbon (1 meter each)
- Fluo yellow beads
- Little iron rings 
- An iron wire

Step by Step
1) Cut the jasseron in 3 strings of 25 cm each.
2) Start to weave the first ribbon between two strings of golden jasseron
  TIP: Weave a little iron wire through the first attached strings. It helps to "form" the necklace.
3) Attach the third jasseron necklace by weaving the second green ribbon
 IMPORTANT : Make sure you leave enough ribbon left to secure your necklace.
4) Attach the beads with the little iron rings
5) You can secure the ends of the ribbon by holding it close to a candle. The heat will keep the ribbon from unraveling

There you go!
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