Burgundy Ribbon Necklace.

An easy and quick DIY necklace.

What you'll need
- ribbon (I used 4 meter)
- jewelry clasp
- 4 crimp beads (In dutch: "knijppareltjes") 
- metallized yarn or nylon yarn

extra: a needle, a pliers, and yarn in the colour of your ribbon


Step by step
1) Pull the yarn in the colour of your ribbon through the eye of the needle
2) Start to thread the needle through the ribbon. Zig zag! 
   TIP: Don't make it to "clean"
3) When you used all the ribbon, secure the ribbon and the yarn. Make sure to keep a little but of space to secure the metallized yarn in a loop.
4) Make a loop with the metallized yarn and secure it to the ribbon by using (and squeezing) a little crimp bead  
5) Add the jewelery clasp

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