Geometrical Earrings.

Really proud of this little creation! 
Not quite sure how to describe them... Geometrical earrings with a retro touch.

What you'll need 
- polymer clay (3 colours : two dark colours - one light colour)
- earstuds
- superglue
- golden acryl paint
- the template 

extra: an oven, a cutter



Step by step

1) Cut the template
2) Roll the polymer clay out into "pancakes"
3) Put in the fridge for 15 minutes
4) Cut out the figures & cut a little part of the black part (see picture)
5) Bake!
6) Let them cool down under a heavy book or two
7) Paint the triangles gold
8) Glue everything together and add the earstuds to the back

Et voilaaa !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh super mooi! Hoeveel zou het kosten om deze te kunnen bestellen? :-) (ik ben niet zo handig met fimo...)