Retro earrings.

A retro inspired earring, that you can make in every colour you want.

What you'll need
- earstuds
- polymer clay in 2 different colours

extra: an oven, a cutter, the template

1) Cut the template + draw an oblique line
2) Make to little balls out of the clay and form them into 2 "pancakes" (thickness: 3mm)
3) Cut a little part of both colours and merge them
4) Place the template on the new formed piece of clay. Make sure you place the line on the transition between the two colours
5) Cut the form out of the clay
6) Bake
7) Directly after baking, place some books on top off the figure, when it cools down. It keeps the form from curling up
8) Glue the earstuds onto the figures 

There you go!

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  1. Oo die oorbellen zijn mooi ! krijg zin om ze ook te maken, ookal heb ik tientallen oorbellen.

  2. KEI TOF! Ga ik zeker ook zelf proberen!

  3. Love your blog! I love DIY! Check out mine as well!

    You have great ideas!

    I hope you like it and follow too! I am following yours!!


    Xoxo, A.P*

    1. Hi A.P !
      Thanks for the lovely comment - I'll keep an eye on your blog as well ;)